mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

update 1: débuts

first time in italy, only have been here a few hours, and i'm creating this blog for any of you who actually want to follow anything that's going on everywhere all of the time. so, after a delayed flight to newark and a very bumpy way there, me and my amazing do-it-all-sherpa-mom get on to the flight to milan-malpensa surrounded by italians who speak way to fast to my french and english ears. then again, they may have been looking at us wierd because we were totally signing the potter puppet pals songs all along. when arrived in milano, through customs and claim baggage, some guy from the agency walks up to me and says ''Maia?'' Me: ''ahh, un, yess, hola!'' great. first person i meet i speak spanish to. anyway, we hop into his car and quickly find out that indeed, the reputation of milanese being crazy drivers is confirmed. he brings us into the (oh-my-goodness-so-nice-and-big) agency where we hand out for a bit more than an hour since the receptionist is away and the bookers are, well, booked. got a book, got a (cheap ass noika) cellphone and we're off with the crazy driver to buy a prepaid card to put into it. crazyness behind the wheel double confirmed. the streets are all tiny and zig-zaggy and you don't know which road goes wich way and motorcycles are everywhere and trains and bikes and buses and so on and so forth. not much time to look at the architechture let me say. after that, we got to our (mervellous) apartement where i am curently sitting in. it's spacious (way more than the one room tokyo appartement), colorful (the bedroom is green, the living room is red, paintings are hung up everywhere), and overall awesome place. pictures to come! alas, i must end first post here, since i have to get unpacking before my mom takes all the hangers! oh, also, the plan of having a couple of days to settle in isn't working out all that well. i already have my first casting today at 3:30 for Elle Signapour, and maybe two more after that. ahlala! oh, and thanks to everyone who has been wishing me luck. lots of love,

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  1. Maia de moooooon coeur :)
    Jsuis ben contente de savoir que jvais pouvoir suivre tes épopées en Europe, jsuis super contente pour toi!
    Elle Singapour c'est BIG pareil!
    Jtaime xoxoxo :)