mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

update 2: settling

day one in milano is coming to an end and we are dead. more than twenty four hours awake tend to do that to you. all is unpacked, and i guess it's time for some pictures.

Joy models, Milano. And note that this is only a piece of the building. It also has a little garden right in the middle, greenery, and a hallway where the men's division is.

living room and little table to eat, love the colours and the painting :)

little kitchen area! so very european to hide the fridge. luxurious compared to tokyo in the way of having four burners instead of one!

a very nice bathroom, the knd you can actually fit in. washer dryer in one, woo! oh, and yes there is a toilet, it's just there behind the shower okay.

last but not least, our little front porch to look out onto the via. oh, there's also a really, really nice and bigger back porch i forgot to take a picture of. it's got a little table and chairs and a tiny fountain adn the surrounding yellow buildings are so very charming.

oh, here's a flight anecdote. we were right above the clouds during landing in newark, and the man sitting in front of me told me to look down into the clouds. what was so special is that you saw the shadow of the plane, and it was surrounded by a full circular rainbow. here's a picture.

not super amazing quality, but trust me it was really cool.
on the same note, newark is in the state of new york (very confusion phonetically, i know) and very close to manhattan. lifting from newark, we flew pretty much right over the island, and even got an aerial view of the statue of liberty.

don't even try to find the statue in this picture. if youre swift though you can kinda sorta (really) spot central park.

that pretty much sums it up for day one in milano!
ciao :)

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  1. good luck maia in milan! have a blast and take in as much as possible! we're all super proud of you!

    this is chubby btw before you think it's some anonymous creep