sabato 23 aprile 2011

update 8: om nom noms

let me start off with wednesday night's supper. walking around the Porta Romana vicinity, we noticed a sign up in one of a restaurant's window saying: Wednesday Paella night. noted in the agenda it was and there were we. we started off with an appetiser of various seafood. using seashells as plates, fish and funghi were marinated in a delicious red sauce, white fish was marinated in lemon and the octopus was soft and juicy and delicious accompanied with potato cubes. the paella itself had it's milanese twist, being yellow instead of red, but was just as good. the clams and the safran and the peas mixed in the rice was just delicious. while we were eating, our very sweet waiter came by with a plate and said: "look what our chef just prepared! tiramisu! the best of all italy!" so we just had to try. while doing so and finishing off our white wine, we were looking over to the table next to us where a big man was eating his dessert, which looked like a mound of cauliflower dipped in dark and white chocolate. our waiter then asked if we wanted to try some of it, and said it was adessert typical of his region, sicilly. it was actually cooked sugar covered in chocolate and lemon. devilishly sweet, even i, who doesn't just have a sweet tooth but a mouth full of them, couldn't finish off the little pieces he gave us. maybe that was because of the huge plates i hate beforehand. oh well.
on thursday, i had a couple castings, incuding one at the agency. giorgio then informed me that i had a shoot later on that day with the same photographer i did the test of paper dresses with, i was fine with that since she was nice! once there, she informed me that we were going to shoot in a park at sunset. by then i was stoked. and then she told me that when she saw me in person, and held a camera before me, she saw a very soft romatic side of me, she wanted to shoot again in that style. so then i was really pumped. i love romantic, soft pictures, while most clients see me as very edgy and rock, and the picture i have taken here so far are in that style. the makeup artist did my face porcelain perfect. i mean i had no more beauty marks and no more freckles. it looked quite amazing though. i wore colourful dresses and was part of the nature. some beside a flowering tree, some beside a big trunk, some on a little tiny dock by the lake, some laying in the grass. the light was really amazing, going from light to dark. cannot wait to see these ones!
on friday, it being good friday and italian being very religious, the agency was closed so i had the day off. me and mom slept it and then decided to take a stroll all the way to the duomo. on a map, it looks suuuper far. but as we walked around milano more and more, and passed numerous metro stops in one day, we discovered that the city is smaller than it looks. so we decided to try it out, and as we predicted, the duomo is very close to home. on our way there, we stopped for gelato. i had my favourite, limone, and tried it with mandarin. mom was more exotic and tried fior de latte with violet. yes, violet as in the flower. it was sooooo good! we also stopped in a very old church that didn't look like much from the outside, but was beautiful on the inside. there was also this old, old lady with an extremely crooked back, i have to mention. we also stopped for a beer on a little terasse at the missori piazza where they also served little sandwiches, chips and pistachios. people are so civilised. oh, that morning, we also went for a gicantic shopping spree at the grocery store, but not before stumbling upon the Ducati milano store. oh yes. the monster is soooo adorable gah! there also had one of Valentino Rossi's old riding suits i touched. i also touched Troy Bayliss'.
today we started off the day with another grocery shopping spree consisting of beer-wine-tea-juice and miceallneous things like these. we then went downtown to see the Hayez exhibition. bathing in art culture is the best. i got to see The Last Supper AND Il Bacio real life. can't wait to see how much the rest of my art student fellows will have seen... tee hee.
tomorrow Philippe arrives. <3


mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

update 7: torino and more

today marks week three in Italy. time flies.
friday started by another musical metro ride. a couple of students were going from wagon to wagon with their violins, which they played very well. they were also accompanied by a anccordeon, which gave it a really cool twsit. when they got to the wagon me an mom were in, the were playin Pachebel's Canon. and they were playing it really well. and the whole thing, not just the part the majority knows. and with the accordeon in there, mom couldn't resist taking her change out. there's always interesting people in the metro. always. that morning there was also a very old man with a black cap propped on his head. it was sitting there so high, it made his head look like it was triangular. now, the best part was his face. he had a permanent sad face. not sad as in sad eyes, but his mouth was a true baboune. like :( really. all that because he was old and he didn't have teeth to keep his mouth placed normally.
on sunday, me and mom walked along the canal, going into little shops and people watching. the most romantic was a little couple along the canal, smooching away beside their vespa, glass of wine in hand. (oui, j'ai hâte à mort que Philippe arrive.) there was also two little girls, obviously sisters, sitting on the ground waiting for their parents to get out of a shop. one of them was reading Where The Wild Things Are, one of my favourite books as a child. well, even now I must say, it stays somewhere special in my heart. i get that kind of affection for books, yeah. anyway, she was wearing a little hat shaped to look like a strawberry over her head, and with her little sister in her pink clothes, i just had to take a picture. that done, whom i guess was their father came to me and asked me if i was taking a picture, and well i said yes, and asked if that was a problem (it wasn't but if it had been, oopsie, it's on film sorry!). while he was speaking to me, i notice in the background that the younger of the girls had stood up, said something in italian: mkjuayb PIPI njhnuagfna. and starts pulling her pants down on the spot. right there. that's when the man ran to her, ricked her up, running to the canal, turns around, re-think the idea, goes closer the canal, desperately looking for somethere for his cute little daughter to do her buisness. meanwhile, well, she had already started. me and my mom were already laughing, but it's when her older sister pointed and burst out laughing that it got even funnier. highlight of the day.
after that it was time to head to the central station to take the train to Torino! i got a job there for a hair magazine, yes, again. short hair is a big deal out here. it was my first time taking a train in europe, and i was hoping with all my might that the trains would be super old and adorable like the ones going to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. but noooooo, people don't seem to appreciate the look of older things, and all the trains i took were all new and modern and didn't belong anywhere near Hogwarts. life is a crisis when you know you belong at Hogwarts with Harry and Ron and you could read boks with Hermione. but noooooo, ì'm a muggle :( ah, the fantasies. back to reality. i had fourteen minutes time to make my connexion. and my train leaving Milan was ten minutes late. the train approached the platform a minute before the next one left. i ran to the closest timetable, ran the the platform my other train was at... only to see it leaving. great.
after taking the next train and finally getting to Salivgliano, the little town near Torino where the shoot was, i met the hairdresser and the photographer. they then told me we were waiting for another model who also had problems with her connexion. thanks for telling beforehand, having a travelling buddy makes things so much easier. which we did on the way back. once Marilia (yes, Marilia and Maia) got there, they brought us to our hotel and ordered pizza for us.
the next morning they picked us up and took us to the very nice hair salon. a little trim and makeup, and it was time to shoot. it was all rock-styled, with props: a mic, a stratocaster guitar, a keyboard and pieces of a drum set. i plugged in my ipod and started signing, and the photographer took pictures, and that was pretty much the day. fun stuff :) talking with Marilia, and both greiving about how we miss our boyfriends, i asked her what was his name. Felipe. coïncidence much?!? Maia is with Philippe and Marilia is with Felipe. no jokes.
on the way back, we also met some, how to say, interesting people. one man was walking along the alley, looking at us in a very creepy manner, and whispered to me ''God Save the Queen.'' naturally, i responded ''Sex Pistols.'' and he seemed happy and walked away. now, this was no Hogwarts train, but a man that looked exactly like Snape but with longer hair walked into our wagon. amazing moment. snape, snape, severus snape...
having a travel buddy went so well that we even got home early. booyeah!
i can add another red pin to my wold map in my room when i get back :)


mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

update 6: productiveness

let's start off with hoe productive the last two days have been. first off, yesterday I had four different castings. the first started at 9:30 am. I had been to all of them by 12:30. talk about rocking it! oh, one of them was even a callback for Beppe Buttinoni, a swimsuit photographer. who could have guessed! we then walked around to find a really cute, really good place for lunch. a mozarella, tomato and pesto pizza with a side of grilled veggies and beer to drink. words cannot describe, maybe only because i really am a sucker for pesto... anyway, we continiued up to via mercanti, where i was told was a lomography shop. aka little heaven. everything from octomats to horizons to LCAs to fisheyes to Dianas to Holgas to colorsplash... you get the point. my goal was to find a to then unfindable fisheye lens for my Holga 135, apparently rare. they didn't have it either. mujuh, i'll have to order it. but there is a but! they had that ringflash i have been drooling over. it's expensive :( who knows, it's my birthday in a bit more than a month... hehe. now here's the coolest par of the day: we went to see The Last Supper. oh, only one of the most important art pieces of all time by who else than Leo Da Vinci. we also got a Leo tshirt! before the visit, the hair had been filled with that before-rain odour i love so much. it then turned into a small thunder storm with occasional lighting strikes. we got somewhat wet walking back to the metro and to home, but considering I haven't been under my beloved rain, i confess i adored.
and for today's productive day. it started off with a test shoot. a couple beauty shots, and some definetly touching the higher fashion! the shoot was located in Monza. yes, that tiny adorbale filled with yellow-painted houses town where the most prestigious races occur. not to mention the italian alps on the horizon. that done, i call the agency, that tells me there's a casting i can attend. the guy seemed very pleased with my look and yeah, also loved my hair. as long as I don't only get hair jobs it'll be fine, haha. then again, it has been Agnyes Dean's starting point, and I would trade places with her anytime. once at the agency, my booker informed me that i would be working in an hour. just enough time to hop on the metro, take a little detour at one of the various locations for the milan desing week, and head to the studio. the job was for my "GTof milano." because it happens often, is easy and pays well. :) remember that first job i had had, for the web catalogue Saldi Privati? same people, different designer: Rawear yeeeeeeeah! tram back home, stop for a olive bread, made some supper, skype with Philippe que j'aime, and here I am.
Goodnight for me, ciao!

domenica 10 aprile 2011

update 5: brand new

sorry I haven't written anything on here in a couple of days, I just wanted to have enough things to write about!
on tuseday, the day started with a callback for Estetica, that huuuuge casting I waited hours at. after hours more at that callback, they chose then and there the models they wanted to book, making me not one of them. oh well. moving on. i had a huge gap until the next casting, so me and my mom sat down to this nice little restaurant and had our frizzante water with delicious pasta. and coffe, mmmm. we have that every morning but it's always so good, it's worth mentionning. oooh we also went to this reccomended gelato place and tried an amazing flavour: pink grapefuit. delicious. the next casting was at Vogue again, but there were so many girls in line and I had a job to get to, so I didn't make it to that casting.
the job was for Carlo Bay, that hairdresser I met a couple of days ago. the pictures are going to be featured in this hairdresser mag called Esprit. cool beans! except that the hairstylist burnt my scalp and im still picking at the scab.
on wednesday, i had this pretty cool test shoot! it was at this school where fashion design students had to make dresses out of only paper for this contest. they teamed up with the photography students for the shoot! the pictures will be exposed on their website and in the Ticinese museum, oh, and in my book. the first dress i woke was made out of hundreds of little bags of coffee sugar, if you see what I mean. it was sweet. pun intended. the second dress was totally boxy, lady gaga style, geometric and impossible to move in. the lighting was amazing for that shot though. i took  a picture of the picture on the screen at the shoot, haha, so it's not of any quality, but just for the idea.

quite the headmount, i know. working the light around that was a challenge! the origami flowers on the chest are an amazing idea, in my opinion!
on thursday i had some more castings, including for Marie Claire, Cosmopolitain and two other local designers I don't really know about. while running around for those castings, we got to make a quick stop to the roman colums and the oldest church in Italy. yes, i sat my butt where two thousand years ago, romans sat their butts. unreal. we also tried out a new gelato place caled Grom, apparently the connaisseur place for gelato. quite deceiving to tell the truth, i've had better! i must say me and my mom are becoming connaisseurs in the gelato departement.
only interesting think about friday is that I had a casting for Stella McCartney, yeeeeeeh.

now to the weekend. yesterday was pretty mellow. we went back to the roman pillar section of town, since we didn't have a whole lot of time on the first quick visit. i was looking for a lomography  shop to get a fisheye lens for my Holga, without success. I did find the new Radiohead cd though! score! then we wandered around the streets, stopping in cute shops along the way until we went back home, stopping to take out pizza to eat on out patio on the way there.
today was the flower festival along the navigli, so me and mom took the whole day as a huge photo opp! sadly for you guys, all day i've only been using my Holga so, no pictures until they're developped and I can scan them, maha! we finished the day off by a very impressive organ concert at a church. so powerful. to finish it off beautifully, we needed our almost-daily dose of gelato. my favourite has always been limone (lemon) but today, i have found its match, and my second favourite: mela (apple). party in my mouth.

on that note, i shall get to looking up how to get to various casting tomorrow.
ciao! M

PS: listen to some Brand New. especially Daisy and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot. can't stop listening.

lunedì 4 aprile 2011

update4: weekend + monday

no work means touring!
saturday. i vaguely remember my mom shoving me very gently to wake me up. that only keeps me awake for thirty seconds, max. i hear the door close. ''oh yeeeeeah'', i think to myself. ''she was going to the grocery store.'' and boom, back to sleep. i don't know how much time later, the door slams again. ''oh riiiiiight, we were waking up early to go to the ossuary.'' and so we did.

The chapel, called Santo Bernando alle Ossa, was located very close to a hospital and it's cemetary. in times to plague and massive deaths,  the cemetary ran out of space, and the chapel became the ossuary. The walls are "decorated" by numerous, numerous skulls and other bones, mostly legs and arms. By bringing them to the chapel, they hoped the casualties would have better luck to go to heaven. The place itself is small and is definetly one of the oddest tourist attractions in town. Thus, i adored.
Mortui vivos docent.

Oh here's another event we ran into that confirms the greatness of the milanese. a car show. but an Alfa Romeo car show.  mmmmm. We also went back to the chocolate fair and got a couple little things, hehe.

sunday, early awakening. 325 000 tonnes of marble, 500 years or craftsmanship, 3500 statues, one majestic duomo. a greately well spend five euros (six if you're a weakling and take the tram up instead of walking the 167 stairs. yes, i counted). it was a bit foggy, even if the point in waking up early was to beat the humidity. on a clear day, you can see the apls on the horizon!  words can't really describe so here are pictures.

for the height, with a piece of the square.

carvings like these ornate the walls everywhere. not one spot is left blank. and they are all different.

a view os some of the statues, with the galleria down there

one of that statues looking over Milano

the tippy top :)

a look down at diverse flying butresses

a close up at one of the carvings in the wall, close to the main doors into the cathedral

a close up on one of the numerous representations that make one of the doors.

That's my best shots of the outside of the duomo. Here's some of inside :)

52 coloumns for the weeks of a year

Leonardo Da Vinci and artwork


a statue made by one of Da Vinci's students (the real one, not the sosie sitting there.)

The rest of sunday, we shopped. Yup. We had lunch on the roof of la Rinacente, a big eight-story building filled by only top of the line designer clothing. including a whole story for baby and children. me and mom think who the  hell would pay a hundred euros for their kid's gucci tshirt? then, on the handbag story, there is our answer. yes. people will actually pay that type of money. a maybe ten year old was wearing her crisp white collar top, burberry plaid skirt, tights and gucci shoes. the maybe seven year old boy was wearing his ralf lauren polo, clearly expensive jeans and also gucci shoes. my goodness we stopped in out tracks.  the basement is dedicated to designer lighting, chairs and everything homeware. including a big section of brick a brack in the lost marbles type. after hours and hours of wandering in clothes and furniture we obviously can never afford, i found my little heaven: a lomography stand! :D there were holgas (ma babbyyyyy), dianas, pop's, octomats, fisheyes, lenses, 120mm fiilm, all the jazz. so the only thing we bought in the Rinacente, super expensve high-class mall is a lomography colour 400 iso film. also available at urban outfitters anywhere.

We wandered some more, discovering other stores in our budget, and getting pieces at Zara.
and we stumbled upon another car show. ferrari.
you know what im about to say.
greatness of the milanese.

after a gelato, we were back to the apartement.

today, i had a call back. the guys really seemed to appreciate my hair and played in it and tossed it aound alot. i also met their client and he nodded. satisfaction? (the rolling stones are on tv) hopefully!
i also had two other very very long castings, for what i waited respectively two hours and an hour and a half for. the first told me i was too young. the second i have a callback for tomorrow!
it wasnt so bad since i got to know some other models and form the canadian crew. laughing about our bush expressions like "poking the bear", "pissing in the wind" and "shit hit the fan". and even putting them together in the fashion of "girl, if you poke the bear, shit will hit the fan." classy, i know.

on an ending note, tomorrow i have that callback i mentionned, another (maybe callback) casting for Vogue Sposa, and a job for Esprit. now if it is Epsrit as in the big brand, i have no idea. it is also affiliated with Carlo Bay, this hairdresser I casted for last week. we shall see!

buona cera, ciao!

venerdì 1 aprile 2011

update 3: more metro madness

i got to sleep in! yaaaaaay!
we started the day by going to the weekly open air market just a couple corners from the apartement. we got super good strawberries (yes, it`s already strawberry season over here!) and other goodies. oh and out first gelato! i got limonata, and mom got coffee. needless to say we'll be getting more of that.
aside that, I had one casting today. but one very important casting. it only took me two days in the city to get a Vogue casting. SCORE.
now, to get there was another story. the metro was on strike all day,  except between the time of 3pm and 6pm. when we arrived at the closest metro stop at three, people weere ligned up (well, the italians don't know how to lign up. they bunch up.) at the door. just looking at the people waiting for the metro was scary, contemplating at hpw the heck we're gonna all get into it. when it came, it was already full. everyone rushed from the platform to the nearest door, pushing in. cramming. never. had. been. so. squished. in. a. public. space. literally felt in a pushpit at an Alexisonfire concert. almost just as sweaty (ok no not quite that much). but still! it was something. getting out was equally as challenging.
once out, we had a long walk to the casting place. that didn't matter (even if my feet are heavily blistered from yesterday's running around) since we got to go through the beautiful Sempione park and see the Peace Arc.

goofing off, mom and maia (featuring new h&m blazer and quintuple chin)

After the (very brief) casting, we walked all the way back to Duomo, stopping along to look at everything that was nice.
First off, we spotted this little caravan filled with books. little heaven of antique and limited edition pages! topped off with a really, really cute old man to whom it belonged, i guess.

i could get lost, in a good way.

the bow tie! (L)

Closer to centre, we stumbled on the most perfect event confirming the greatness of the milanese. a chocolate festival. a whole street of chocolte stands. called Chocco Glamour, nonetheless. paradise.

yes, this is chocolate. art.

kid in a candy shop

the duomo, in chocolate. and a very proud chef.


We then went to the infamous Galleria. beautiful architecture and expensive stores, naturally.

the Galleria has various symbols of various italian cities. this one is the Milano symbol, and Prada in background.

the Torino symbol is a bull. legend says that spinning three times on the bull's testies will bring you luck! thus the erosion where his balls used to be.

mama and maia in the sunlight in the galleria :)

On a funny ending note, in la piazza del Duomo there is this big statue of this man on a horse. In background, there's a huge Ray-Ban ad. tampering with a picture my mom took is quite the age-clash and the laugh.


I've got the whole weekend off for touring around, so tomorrow will mostly be visiting inside the Duomo and shopping, hihi. oh, and going back to the chocolate fair. back to work on monday with a callback and two castings! yee!