venerdì 1 aprile 2011

update 3: more metro madness

i got to sleep in! yaaaaaay!
we started the day by going to the weekly open air market just a couple corners from the apartement. we got super good strawberries (yes, it`s already strawberry season over here!) and other goodies. oh and out first gelato! i got limonata, and mom got coffee. needless to say we'll be getting more of that.
aside that, I had one casting today. but one very important casting. it only took me two days in the city to get a Vogue casting. SCORE.
now, to get there was another story. the metro was on strike all day,  except between the time of 3pm and 6pm. when we arrived at the closest metro stop at three, people weere ligned up (well, the italians don't know how to lign up. they bunch up.) at the door. just looking at the people waiting for the metro was scary, contemplating at hpw the heck we're gonna all get into it. when it came, it was already full. everyone rushed from the platform to the nearest door, pushing in. cramming. never. had. been. so. squished. in. a. public. space. literally felt in a pushpit at an Alexisonfire concert. almost just as sweaty (ok no not quite that much). but still! it was something. getting out was equally as challenging.
once out, we had a long walk to the casting place. that didn't matter (even if my feet are heavily blistered from yesterday's running around) since we got to go through the beautiful Sempione park and see the Peace Arc.

goofing off, mom and maia (featuring new h&m blazer and quintuple chin)

After the (very brief) casting, we walked all the way back to Duomo, stopping along to look at everything that was nice.
First off, we spotted this little caravan filled with books. little heaven of antique and limited edition pages! topped off with a really, really cute old man to whom it belonged, i guess.

i could get lost, in a good way.

the bow tie! (L)

Closer to centre, we stumbled on the most perfect event confirming the greatness of the milanese. a chocolate festival. a whole street of chocolte stands. called Chocco Glamour, nonetheless. paradise.

yes, this is chocolate. art.

kid in a candy shop

the duomo, in chocolate. and a very proud chef.


We then went to the infamous Galleria. beautiful architecture and expensive stores, naturally.

the Galleria has various symbols of various italian cities. this one is the Milano symbol, and Prada in background.

the Torino symbol is a bull. legend says that spinning three times on the bull's testies will bring you luck! thus the erosion where his balls used to be.

mama and maia in the sunlight in the galleria :)

On a funny ending note, in la piazza del Duomo there is this big statue of this man on a horse. In background, there's a huge Ray-Ban ad. tampering with a picture my mom took is quite the age-clash and the laugh.


I've got the whole weekend off for touring around, so tomorrow will mostly be visiting inside the Duomo and shopping, hihi. oh, and going back to the chocolate fair. back to work on monday with a callback and two castings! yee!


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