domenica 10 aprile 2011

update 5: brand new

sorry I haven't written anything on here in a couple of days, I just wanted to have enough things to write about!
on tuseday, the day started with a callback for Estetica, that huuuuge casting I waited hours at. after hours more at that callback, they chose then and there the models they wanted to book, making me not one of them. oh well. moving on. i had a huge gap until the next casting, so me and my mom sat down to this nice little restaurant and had our frizzante water with delicious pasta. and coffe, mmmm. we have that every morning but it's always so good, it's worth mentionning. oooh we also went to this reccomended gelato place and tried an amazing flavour: pink grapefuit. delicious. the next casting was at Vogue again, but there were so many girls in line and I had a job to get to, so I didn't make it to that casting.
the job was for Carlo Bay, that hairdresser I met a couple of days ago. the pictures are going to be featured in this hairdresser mag called Esprit. cool beans! except that the hairstylist burnt my scalp and im still picking at the scab.
on wednesday, i had this pretty cool test shoot! it was at this school where fashion design students had to make dresses out of only paper for this contest. they teamed up with the photography students for the shoot! the pictures will be exposed on their website and in the Ticinese museum, oh, and in my book. the first dress i woke was made out of hundreds of little bags of coffee sugar, if you see what I mean. it was sweet. pun intended. the second dress was totally boxy, lady gaga style, geometric and impossible to move in. the lighting was amazing for that shot though. i took  a picture of the picture on the screen at the shoot, haha, so it's not of any quality, but just for the idea.

quite the headmount, i know. working the light around that was a challenge! the origami flowers on the chest are an amazing idea, in my opinion!
on thursday i had some more castings, including for Marie Claire, Cosmopolitain and two other local designers I don't really know about. while running around for those castings, we got to make a quick stop to the roman colums and the oldest church in Italy. yes, i sat my butt where two thousand years ago, romans sat their butts. unreal. we also tried out a new gelato place caled Grom, apparently the connaisseur place for gelato. quite deceiving to tell the truth, i've had better! i must say me and my mom are becoming connaisseurs in the gelato departement.
only interesting think about friday is that I had a casting for Stella McCartney, yeeeeeeh.

now to the weekend. yesterday was pretty mellow. we went back to the roman pillar section of town, since we didn't have a whole lot of time on the first quick visit. i was looking for a lomography  shop to get a fisheye lens for my Holga, without success. I did find the new Radiohead cd though! score! then we wandered around the streets, stopping in cute shops along the way until we went back home, stopping to take out pizza to eat on out patio on the way there.
today was the flower festival along the navigli, so me and mom took the whole day as a huge photo opp! sadly for you guys, all day i've only been using my Holga so, no pictures until they're developped and I can scan them, maha! we finished the day off by a very impressive organ concert at a church. so powerful. to finish it off beautifully, we needed our almost-daily dose of gelato. my favourite has always been limone (lemon) but today, i have found its match, and my second favourite: mela (apple). party in my mouth.

on that note, i shall get to looking up how to get to various casting tomorrow.
ciao! M

PS: listen to some Brand New. especially Daisy and The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot. can't stop listening.

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