mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

update 6: productiveness

let's start off with hoe productive the last two days have been. first off, yesterday I had four different castings. the first started at 9:30 am. I had been to all of them by 12:30. talk about rocking it! oh, one of them was even a callback for Beppe Buttinoni, a swimsuit photographer. who could have guessed! we then walked around to find a really cute, really good place for lunch. a mozarella, tomato and pesto pizza with a side of grilled veggies and beer to drink. words cannot describe, maybe only because i really am a sucker for pesto... anyway, we continiued up to via mercanti, where i was told was a lomography shop. aka little heaven. everything from octomats to horizons to LCAs to fisheyes to Dianas to Holgas to colorsplash... you get the point. my goal was to find a to then unfindable fisheye lens for my Holga 135, apparently rare. they didn't have it either. mujuh, i'll have to order it. but there is a but! they had that ringflash i have been drooling over. it's expensive :( who knows, it's my birthday in a bit more than a month... hehe. now here's the coolest par of the day: we went to see The Last Supper. oh, only one of the most important art pieces of all time by who else than Leo Da Vinci. we also got a Leo tshirt! before the visit, the hair had been filled with that before-rain odour i love so much. it then turned into a small thunder storm with occasional lighting strikes. we got somewhat wet walking back to the metro and to home, but considering I haven't been under my beloved rain, i confess i adored.
and for today's productive day. it started off with a test shoot. a couple beauty shots, and some definetly touching the higher fashion! the shoot was located in Monza. yes, that tiny adorbale filled with yellow-painted houses town where the most prestigious races occur. not to mention the italian alps on the horizon. that done, i call the agency, that tells me there's a casting i can attend. the guy seemed very pleased with my look and yeah, also loved my hair. as long as I don't only get hair jobs it'll be fine, haha. then again, it has been Agnyes Dean's starting point, and I would trade places with her anytime. once at the agency, my booker informed me that i would be working in an hour. just enough time to hop on the metro, take a little detour at one of the various locations for the milan desing week, and head to the studio. the job was for my "GTof milano." because it happens often, is easy and pays well. :) remember that first job i had had, for the web catalogue Saldi Privati? same people, different designer: Rawear yeeeeeeeah! tram back home, stop for a olive bread, made some supper, skype with Philippe que j'aime, and here I am.
Goodnight for me, ciao!

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