mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

update 7: torino and more

today marks week three in Italy. time flies.
friday started by another musical metro ride. a couple of students were going from wagon to wagon with their violins, which they played very well. they were also accompanied by a anccordeon, which gave it a really cool twsit. when they got to the wagon me an mom were in, the were playin Pachebel's Canon. and they were playing it really well. and the whole thing, not just the part the majority knows. and with the accordeon in there, mom couldn't resist taking her change out. there's always interesting people in the metro. always. that morning there was also a very old man with a black cap propped on his head. it was sitting there so high, it made his head look like it was triangular. now, the best part was his face. he had a permanent sad face. not sad as in sad eyes, but his mouth was a true baboune. like :( really. all that because he was old and he didn't have teeth to keep his mouth placed normally.
on sunday, me and mom walked along the canal, going into little shops and people watching. the most romantic was a little couple along the canal, smooching away beside their vespa, glass of wine in hand. (oui, j'ai hâte à mort que Philippe arrive.) there was also two little girls, obviously sisters, sitting on the ground waiting for their parents to get out of a shop. one of them was reading Where The Wild Things Are, one of my favourite books as a child. well, even now I must say, it stays somewhere special in my heart. i get that kind of affection for books, yeah. anyway, she was wearing a little hat shaped to look like a strawberry over her head, and with her little sister in her pink clothes, i just had to take a picture. that done, whom i guess was their father came to me and asked me if i was taking a picture, and well i said yes, and asked if that was a problem (it wasn't but if it had been, oopsie, it's on film sorry!). while he was speaking to me, i notice in the background that the younger of the girls had stood up, said something in italian: mkjuayb PIPI njhnuagfna. and starts pulling her pants down on the spot. right there. that's when the man ran to her, ricked her up, running to the canal, turns around, re-think the idea, goes closer the canal, desperately looking for somethere for his cute little daughter to do her buisness. meanwhile, well, she had already started. me and my mom were already laughing, but it's when her older sister pointed and burst out laughing that it got even funnier. highlight of the day.
after that it was time to head to the central station to take the train to Torino! i got a job there for a hair magazine, yes, again. short hair is a big deal out here. it was my first time taking a train in europe, and i was hoping with all my might that the trains would be super old and adorable like the ones going to Hogwarts in Harry Potter. but noooooo, people don't seem to appreciate the look of older things, and all the trains i took were all new and modern and didn't belong anywhere near Hogwarts. life is a crisis when you know you belong at Hogwarts with Harry and Ron and you could read boks with Hermione. but noooooo, ì'm a muggle :( ah, the fantasies. back to reality. i had fourteen minutes time to make my connexion. and my train leaving Milan was ten minutes late. the train approached the platform a minute before the next one left. i ran to the closest timetable, ran the the platform my other train was at... only to see it leaving. great.
after taking the next train and finally getting to Salivgliano, the little town near Torino where the shoot was, i met the hairdresser and the photographer. they then told me we were waiting for another model who also had problems with her connexion. thanks for telling beforehand, having a travelling buddy makes things so much easier. which we did on the way back. once Marilia (yes, Marilia and Maia) got there, they brought us to our hotel and ordered pizza for us.
the next morning they picked us up and took us to the very nice hair salon. a little trim and makeup, and it was time to shoot. it was all rock-styled, with props: a mic, a stratocaster guitar, a keyboard and pieces of a drum set. i plugged in my ipod and started signing, and the photographer took pictures, and that was pretty much the day. fun stuff :) talking with Marilia, and both greiving about how we miss our boyfriends, i asked her what was his name. Felipe. coïncidence much?!? Maia is with Philippe and Marilia is with Felipe. no jokes.
on the way back, we also met some, how to say, interesting people. one man was walking along the alley, looking at us in a very creepy manner, and whispered to me ''God Save the Queen.'' naturally, i responded ''Sex Pistols.'' and he seemed happy and walked away. now, this was no Hogwarts train, but a man that looked exactly like Snape but with longer hair walked into our wagon. amazing moment. snape, snape, severus snape...
having a travel buddy went so well that we even got home early. booyeah!
i can add another red pin to my wold map in my room when i get back :)


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