sabato 23 aprile 2011

update 8: om nom noms

let me start off with wednesday night's supper. walking around the Porta Romana vicinity, we noticed a sign up in one of a restaurant's window saying: Wednesday Paella night. noted in the agenda it was and there were we. we started off with an appetiser of various seafood. using seashells as plates, fish and funghi were marinated in a delicious red sauce, white fish was marinated in lemon and the octopus was soft and juicy and delicious accompanied with potato cubes. the paella itself had it's milanese twist, being yellow instead of red, but was just as good. the clams and the safran and the peas mixed in the rice was just delicious. while we were eating, our very sweet waiter came by with a plate and said: "look what our chef just prepared! tiramisu! the best of all italy!" so we just had to try. while doing so and finishing off our white wine, we were looking over to the table next to us where a big man was eating his dessert, which looked like a mound of cauliflower dipped in dark and white chocolate. our waiter then asked if we wanted to try some of it, and said it was adessert typical of his region, sicilly. it was actually cooked sugar covered in chocolate and lemon. devilishly sweet, even i, who doesn't just have a sweet tooth but a mouth full of them, couldn't finish off the little pieces he gave us. maybe that was because of the huge plates i hate beforehand. oh well.
on thursday, i had a couple castings, incuding one at the agency. giorgio then informed me that i had a shoot later on that day with the same photographer i did the test of paper dresses with, i was fine with that since she was nice! once there, she informed me that we were going to shoot in a park at sunset. by then i was stoked. and then she told me that when she saw me in person, and held a camera before me, she saw a very soft romatic side of me, she wanted to shoot again in that style. so then i was really pumped. i love romantic, soft pictures, while most clients see me as very edgy and rock, and the picture i have taken here so far are in that style. the makeup artist did my face porcelain perfect. i mean i had no more beauty marks and no more freckles. it looked quite amazing though. i wore colourful dresses and was part of the nature. some beside a flowering tree, some beside a big trunk, some on a little tiny dock by the lake, some laying in the grass. the light was really amazing, going from light to dark. cannot wait to see these ones!
on friday, it being good friday and italian being very religious, the agency was closed so i had the day off. me and mom slept it and then decided to take a stroll all the way to the duomo. on a map, it looks suuuper far. but as we walked around milano more and more, and passed numerous metro stops in one day, we discovered that the city is smaller than it looks. so we decided to try it out, and as we predicted, the duomo is very close to home. on our way there, we stopped for gelato. i had my favourite, limone, and tried it with mandarin. mom was more exotic and tried fior de latte with violet. yes, violet as in the flower. it was sooooo good! we also stopped in a very old church that didn't look like much from the outside, but was beautiful on the inside. there was also this old, old lady with an extremely crooked back, i have to mention. we also stopped for a beer on a little terasse at the missori piazza where they also served little sandwiches, chips and pistachios. people are so civilised. oh, that morning, we also went for a gicantic shopping spree at the grocery store, but not before stumbling upon the Ducati milano store. oh yes. the monster is soooo adorable gah! there also had one of Valentino Rossi's old riding suits i touched. i also touched Troy Bayliss'.
today we started off the day with another grocery shopping spree consisting of beer-wine-tea-juice and miceallneous things like these. we then went downtown to see the Hayez exhibition. bathing in art culture is the best. i got to see The Last Supper AND Il Bacio real life. can't wait to see how much the rest of my art student fellows will have seen... tee hee.
tomorrow Philippe arrives. <3


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