lunedì 4 aprile 2011

update4: weekend + monday

no work means touring!
saturday. i vaguely remember my mom shoving me very gently to wake me up. that only keeps me awake for thirty seconds, max. i hear the door close. ''oh yeeeeeah'', i think to myself. ''she was going to the grocery store.'' and boom, back to sleep. i don't know how much time later, the door slams again. ''oh riiiiiight, we were waking up early to go to the ossuary.'' and so we did.

The chapel, called Santo Bernando alle Ossa, was located very close to a hospital and it's cemetary. in times to plague and massive deaths,  the cemetary ran out of space, and the chapel became the ossuary. The walls are "decorated" by numerous, numerous skulls and other bones, mostly legs and arms. By bringing them to the chapel, they hoped the casualties would have better luck to go to heaven. The place itself is small and is definetly one of the oddest tourist attractions in town. Thus, i adored.
Mortui vivos docent.

Oh here's another event we ran into that confirms the greatness of the milanese. a car show. but an Alfa Romeo car show.  mmmmm. We also went back to the chocolate fair and got a couple little things, hehe.

sunday, early awakening. 325 000 tonnes of marble, 500 years or craftsmanship, 3500 statues, one majestic duomo. a greately well spend five euros (six if you're a weakling and take the tram up instead of walking the 167 stairs. yes, i counted). it was a bit foggy, even if the point in waking up early was to beat the humidity. on a clear day, you can see the apls on the horizon!  words can't really describe so here are pictures.

for the height, with a piece of the square.

carvings like these ornate the walls everywhere. not one spot is left blank. and they are all different.

a view os some of the statues, with the galleria down there

one of that statues looking over Milano

the tippy top :)

a look down at diverse flying butresses

a close up at one of the carvings in the wall, close to the main doors into the cathedral

a close up on one of the numerous representations that make one of the doors.

That's my best shots of the outside of the duomo. Here's some of inside :)

52 coloumns for the weeks of a year

Leonardo Da Vinci and artwork


a statue made by one of Da Vinci's students (the real one, not the sosie sitting there.)

The rest of sunday, we shopped. Yup. We had lunch on the roof of la Rinacente, a big eight-story building filled by only top of the line designer clothing. including a whole story for baby and children. me and mom think who the  hell would pay a hundred euros for their kid's gucci tshirt? then, on the handbag story, there is our answer. yes. people will actually pay that type of money. a maybe ten year old was wearing her crisp white collar top, burberry plaid skirt, tights and gucci shoes. the maybe seven year old boy was wearing his ralf lauren polo, clearly expensive jeans and also gucci shoes. my goodness we stopped in out tracks.  the basement is dedicated to designer lighting, chairs and everything homeware. including a big section of brick a brack in the lost marbles type. after hours and hours of wandering in clothes and furniture we obviously can never afford, i found my little heaven: a lomography stand! :D there were holgas (ma babbyyyyy), dianas, pop's, octomats, fisheyes, lenses, 120mm fiilm, all the jazz. so the only thing we bought in the Rinacente, super expensve high-class mall is a lomography colour 400 iso film. also available at urban outfitters anywhere.

We wandered some more, discovering other stores in our budget, and getting pieces at Zara.
and we stumbled upon another car show. ferrari.
you know what im about to say.
greatness of the milanese.

after a gelato, we were back to the apartement.

today, i had a call back. the guys really seemed to appreciate my hair and played in it and tossed it aound alot. i also met their client and he nodded. satisfaction? (the rolling stones are on tv) hopefully!
i also had two other very very long castings, for what i waited respectively two hours and an hour and a half for. the first told me i was too young. the second i have a callback for tomorrow!
it wasnt so bad since i got to know some other models and form the canadian crew. laughing about our bush expressions like "poking the bear", "pissing in the wind" and "shit hit the fan". and even putting them together in the fashion of "girl, if you poke the bear, shit will hit the fan." classy, i know.

on an ending note, tomorrow i have that callback i mentionned, another (maybe callback) casting for Vogue Sposa, and a job for Esprit. now if it is Epsrit as in the big brand, i have no idea. it is also affiliated with Carlo Bay, this hairdresser I casted for last week. we shall see!

buona cera, ciao!

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