mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

update 10: featuring shoes and lomo and brera (and no more typos)

today is a day to blog about. i mean, i slept in. on a week day. how much better can it get?
on a more serious note, i had a casting at two o'clock (for a hair salon, again) and then had the whole day off. we brought Phil to the ossuary (see pictures in a previous post somewhere lower) and walked around to find shoes for my prom. in a magazine a lady on the street gave me, i had ripped out the page featuring a marvellous, ideal pair of shoes. too bad they were Valentino and cost 620 euros. while window shopping, i spotted really nice shoes in a shop called Musto. and i got tem today. then have a retro feel and shape, while the fabric resembling lace gives a more modern, younger feel to them. oh and the dark champagne colour is just perfect to match with the emerald green of my dress.
walking some more in the adorable littlecobblestone streets resembling more alleys, we stmbled upon really nice shops. one of them we only noiced because of the old lady stepping out of it. she was wearing a classy skirt, a scarf, her little heels, her while almost purple hair curled to perfection and her cateye glasses. after i expertly took her picture without her noticing, she invited us into the shop. the clothes were designed beautifully. the fabrics used were flowy and soft and of the richest colours, it was to die for... at at least for your wallet to die of.
the next shop had a french name, which first caught our attention. stepping into it, it was full of recycled furniture and intricate artwork featuring animals. our favoutire pieces were the salt and pepper shakers, labelled as "heroin" and "cocaine". almost bought those. what we finished by buying though was a duet of guitar pics, labelled as "booze" and "drugs". we figured we'd make a neckale out of those.
all this walking was towards the lomography shop. Phil joined the family by buying a Holga135BC! i got a coloursplash flash, yay! we also got invited to their party tomorow nigh called "pictures and shots" where they'll be guessing games, picture taking and well, shots.
for supper, we stopped at the Bar Brera, known to be a studen spot hangout and one of the best places for the apéros. for those who are wondering what those might be: a very civilized thing. you buy a drink, you get a whole buffet of munchies.
time to head out, me and Phil are going to the movies to watch Fast Five in italian.

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