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update 11: paradise spread out with a butter knife

hmmm. sorry for the lack of posts lately! i've been overflowed with work and things to see, but i guess that's a good thing. that's a lie, i've just been lazy.
let's start off with the day of may sixth and it's amzaing castings. the first worth mentionning was at the Condé Nast studios, where i got to meet Glamour, Gas Jeans and Coccinelle all at once. the other one was for a Valentino show. booyeah!
may 8th, i really wanted to go to Monza to see the Superbike championship. but i got a phone call from my booker asking if i was busy and if i was free to do an editorial for Vice magazine. so i gave up the superbikes for Vice. they brought me, a redhead canadian model and an italian model in the mountains, close to Lecco, for the shooting. location shoots are in my opinion, by far the best. after driving through the mountains and little towns huddles in them, we got to a cute little stream to start the story. we were going to fill up around 8 pages where three teenagers escape from home, across a stream, in the woods, to finally find an old abandonned villa. the stream shot went great, until gravity reminded me it still exists by making me fall into the stream, bruise my knees quite badly and sprain my foot. oh well, to bad i couldn't escape gravity even in italy. we drove a bit more to find te abandonned villa. the view of it is amazing. it's deteriorating, nobody is taking care of it, it's sitting between mountains, it's huge, but it's abandonned. it has such an eerie feel, it was perfect for the shoot.

the villa! i also took some pictures inside, but with my holga.

on monday, i took the day to r.i.c.e. my foot. for those who haven't had enough injuries to know the acronym: rest, ice, constriction and elevation. tuseday, i started off slow with only one casting, but for American Apparel's online lookbook. whereas wednesday, i had an editorial all about shorts, nonetheless. let me tell you they had to slap on a bunch of concealer on my by then blue and purple knees! by thursday, i was back to the busy busy days with five castings. on that friday, the 13th! i got the Glamour editorial. it's a jeans story, where it was basically two portraits of myself and other models being chill in their good-looking jeans. from that one, i had to jet to the other side of town for a test shoot. good thing the next day was the weekend! against habit though, there was a casting on sunday. well, not exactly a casting. a Just Cavalli callback. talk about top of the line.
let me write about saturday. by starting off that i woke up at 1pm. mmmm. once up and ready to go, we headed to the Cimitero Monumentale.
the cemetary itself is huge. and the statues in it are works of art. some of the richer families even have their own little buildings for themselves, going to the extent of having their own private little duomo. i mean, they're dead. they don't know. ah, religion...

my fave statue of the place. it's long and lanky and awkward like me.

some families put their money in the wrong places, if you ask me!

another statue on a tombstone i particularily liked.

the sky looked great that day.

since we were in the vicinity, we went to 10 corso Como. you might have heard of it, a very very exoensive shopping place with only top of the line designers. it was great to look at. on the second story, we visited the Carla Sozzani photography exposition. this year, it was all world press photography. between tortured afghan women, mass graves, impaled toreadors and suicides, the expo was amazing. the timing, precision and guts it takes to be a journalism photographer is beyond me.  
we then found a nice looking restaurant where to have supper. mom's pasta was to die for, and me and phil's pizza were miles away from delicioso's frozen pizza we have back home. oh and, the beer is always good.

that sunday, my dad and my little sister Oasis came over for a visit :) against norms, i had a callback that day. but since it was for Just Cavalli i was willing to take the time. once home, we prepared the ''special'' pasta me and my mom had bought for the occasion: itlian flag coloured farfalla! along with salad and wine, we had supper on the back porch by candlelight.

monday started with an odd hair job. is was on two-days, monday being the ''preparation day'' where they just cut our hand planned what they'd do the next day, on the shoot. at first, they wanted to dye my hair blonde. i said no way. no no no no no way. they then called my agency, asking if they could change my hair colour at all, and my agency said not at all. i was relieved. so they only cut my shaved sides again (it having been shaved already the friday before at Glamour) and modified the top so they could do this mushroom-cut effect on one side. anyway.
the day of, tey asked me if they could put this thing in my hairthat would not chnage the colour byt make it shinier. because o the language barrier between us, i had to ask a bunch of questions to actually find out if this thing actually had colour in it or not. aparently, with what i could understand, this product was my colour and would wash off anyway ''the first time you wash your hair.'' first off, it had colour, and it's this reddish-brown colour i feel wierd wearing. and more than a week later, it's still there. meh.

during that week, mom, dad and the sister all went down to Cinque Terre. hiking up and down mountains in tiny trains from one village perched on the rocks beside the sea to the other. jealous! while me and Phil trotted along from metro stop to metro stop for castings.

on saturday, once they were back, we headed to lake Como. the tranport in Italy, and Europe in general, is so well planned out. complete oposite of the STO. we went to the closest train station, paid 4euros each for our ticket, didn't even wait for a train, and an hour later, we were in beautiful Como. we started off by looking fo this renouned pizzeria to eat lunch at. on the way, we stumbles upon what seemed to be a really nice hotel. but it's when we saw what the parking lot was filled with that me, dad and phil crosses the street to get a closer look. my friends, the parking lot was filled with lamborghinis. seven of them.

aw yeeeeeeeeah.

and this is what Como looks like! it's basically a little down at the base of Como lake surrounded by mountains. adorable.
after beer and piza (model food, i know), we decided to take anhour long boat ride on the lake :)

we went by numerous little towns like this one, perched on the mountain, right on the side of the water. many celebrities have villas on Como lake, actually.

this old man was cute.

and this one is m dad and he does the goofies faces on earth. but he's the best :)

the sun rays were amazing.

on sunday, dad, oasis and phil left, leaving me and mom alone in milano once more. to fill up the emptyness, or at least to get our mind off it, we went to a Michel Compte photo expo. that guy is so talented. one day, i'll shoot with him (:

yesterday and today are kindof slow casting wise. since i'm leaving in a bit more than a week, i can't cast for jobs i won't be in the country for. and since the rest of the family is away, things are feeling empty. so me and mom try to keep as busy as possible. sometime this week we'll go see the impressionist exposition, and since my birthday is coming up (sunday!) we're thinking about going to maybe Piza or some little town along the sea. we'll see (pun intented)!

ciao, M

oh wait! there's these couple pictures i wanna put on here.

now i don't know if i prefer colour of b&w. but i love skies (i think it shows).
this is the Sforza castle with a storm.

ciao for real!

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