giovedì 26 maggio 2011

update 12: rossa o blu mi piaci tu!

ciaaaoooooo! yes, i'm blogging this early after the previous post. what news!
the main thing about today as that i feel in love. with a pair of shoes. as my dad said: that's a suprise. story is Aldo teamed up with Julian Louie, NY fashion designer to create this line of (stunning) shoes. and i fell in love with his wedges. and even if Aldo exists at home, the variety and styles out here are muuuuch more different (and fashionable) than at home. i might just get them here, but i'm scared my luggage might just be too heavy. then again, the website i no letting me order them. my dillemas in life are so important and life changing, aren't they.
for a different type of adventure. me and mom went out to a restaurant tonight. yes, that isn't different. but it was a mexican restaurant. in italy. no jokes.
we started off with nachos. and by wondering if the italians pronounce it "nakos" because "ch" is pronounced "k" in italian. they were no corn chips and monterey jack and salsa type of nachos. they were corn chips, mozzarella and paprika sprinkled all over. but it was good.
my mom had an enchilada and i had fajitas. it was really, really good. and now we're really, really bloated.

for you wonderig about the title of this one: my favorite advertising out here is for sparkling water. the company came out with two different flavours: rossa (red) and blu (you can guess). the blue flavor is "legermente frizzante" (a little sparkly) and the red is "frizzantissima!" (really sparkly!). and their catch line is the title of this blog and it's the cutest of all. translation: red or blue, i love you!


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