sabato 28 maggio 2011

update 13: flamboyant

good morning world! being alone out here gives me no more excuses to not write. so here i am again!
yesterday was a good day. i started off with a casting for Z!NK magazine, one of my favorite magazines, actually. i had already met the casting guy once before, and this time, he clearly remembered me and even noticed that my book has new pictures in it. extra points!
we then had a couple hour gap between the casting and my job. and both were in the same neighbourhood of town. so we wandered looking for the sandals my mom has been looking for. yep. and it started raining. no jokes. the sky was becoming that yellow that announces a storm, we took refuge in a coffee shop and ordered two capuccios. once we spent enough time there, we conitnued our quest for sandals in the rain (ironic i know).  it started to really pour, so we took refuge in another coffee shop for another cappuccino and a brioche, miam miam.
my job was an edtorial for Flamboyant magazine. it's italian and completely indepently owned and run by two guys who found italia's fashion scene too conservative. google their website, you can see the latest issue. it's amazing. i was already pumped because of the spreads i saw on the site, but when he told me the story for this one, i was extra pumped.
the spread was going to be seventeen pages long (aplit between me and two other girls). and about the history of photography. we were basically taking famous pictures of famous photographers and recreating them. i did three different photographers/pictures, but the best worth mentionning was Sarah Moon.

and this was the inspiration. Sarah Moon does creepy beautiful picures like these. we took four different shots to create a collage. i was wearing little doll dresses, and the makeup artist painted my eybrows out. the photographer sdid an amazing job on the lighting. even without post-production, the black and white and effects, they looked so amazing. gotta say it was the best teamwork i have witnessed on a shoot in a long time. oh and it HAILED. i mean, legit big pieces of ice falling from the sky! but don't worry it's sunny and very nice out today ;)
the oher photographer/shot i recreated was Nick Night. cool beans! and the third, i must confess i don't even remember.

i'll leave to get ready to go to the beach! yep, me and my mom decided to get out of town, since tomorrow marks the day of my birth :) so we decided take the train to Santa Margherita, little town huddled in the moutains at the side of the sea. have a good day to all! i'll take pictures to remind you all what nice weather looks like ;)


for an ending note: Jack Johnson is god. and this video is hilarious. Jack and Lonely Island guy? Who would have thought!

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