domenica 1 maggio 2011

update 9: milan entre amoureux

YES. things cannot be more perfect. on sunday, Phil arrived and we went to the airport to pick him up. after settling in at the apartement, we brought him downtown to take a look at the Duomo. sadly, because it was  easter, the staircase to the roof was closed. for supper we treated him to a restaurant on a terasse along via dante. on monday, it being easter monday, the agency was closed and we had another day all to ourselves. we did lots of walking as i showed him around to my favourite spots in town, including parco sempione, a beauuuutiful parc located quite close from downtown. on tuseday, things being still quite slow because of the long easter weekend (yea, italians are very fond of their easter holiday. quite catholic let me say) i didn't have any castings either. so we took the day as a shopping spree for mister who needed red pants. the italian men seem to all possess a pair. we didn't find the ideal one, but that'll come later in the post. wednesday was smooth also, having one callback, one casting, and another job at saldi privati. the main thing about thursday was that the owner of our apartement, sandra, invited us over to her place for a traditional italian supper. so me, phil and mom walked over to her (marvellous looking) apartement to eat (an amazing) meal. it all started off on the patio, with a glass of champagne and starters such as stuffed olives and parmesan and salami. we then moved inside for the bruchettas, the spaghetti bolognese and the tiramisu, all home made, all accompanied by local red wine. mmmm.
friday was busy. i started off early taking the metro away from town for an editorial in a magazine, to come back to town for a casting, to get a call from the agency to tell me to go work for saldi privati as soon as possible, and then go into the agency for them to give me the train ticket and the details for a test shoot i would have out of the the next day. the test, on saturday, was in Brescia, a town an hour or so away east. it's close to the mountains and the view was amazing. it was also with two other girls i knew from the agency, so we had fun all day. i even learned a bit of lithuanian, yes yes, by reading the back of one of the girl's book. at one point during the shoot, i got to wear a wig: a short bob with bangs in black. here's a picture for your pleasure.

bonjour, je m'apelle Amélie Poulain et j'ai un fabuleux destin.

oh also, somewhere n those days, we got the time to go the the top of the Duomo! so here are some pictures of the lovers on the top of milano. 

you can only see a tad of the Duomo in the pictuer above in the superior right corner but i swear we were on it. even if Phil looks a bit bored in the second picture.

i took this one from the train on the way back from Brescia:

you know that you can click on any picture in this blog to make it larger.
there was flowers and little yellow houses and a pretty sky so i snapped it. voilà!

today was spent sleeping in, walking around town, and buying red shorts for phil. a must-have in milanese fashion. tomorrow starts early!


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