martedì 20 dicembre 2011

a very very belated update : santa margherita ligure e venezia

I know it's been months, but I never got around to writing about Venice, or my birthday trip to the sea.

After much debate about where we'd like to go for my bday, we finally decided on a little town by the sea called Santa Margherita Ligure. We took the train through the beautiful scenery, and we were by the meditereannean. We spent the day walking through town before beaching ourselves at a beach.

these were all taken with Holga darling!

My last weekend in Italy was spend in beautiful, beautiful Venice with my mom. We took the train, and in a matter of about three hours, there we were.
We started by finding the water bus station, but found out (just out luck) that they were on strike today. There was less boats, and would only go down half the main canal. We took the first one that came, and walked the rest. Oh, it's important to mention that there are no cars whatsoever on the island. No bikes. No wheels. Half the streets, looking more like alleyways, are cut by canals, its impossible to navigate on wheels. Furthermore, they're just straight up banned.
We started off at the famous Rialto brigde.

view from the Rialto

It being packed by tourists, we only stayed the time to visit the couple shops on it before continuing our adventure. We walked through the alleys, making so many detours because of the canals randomly cutting through the streets. We got so, so lost. But that's the way, in out opinion, to really discover. And we did.
We visited so many charming little shops we would have never discovered if  we had stayed on the main tourist path. So many different photo opps we would have never gotten. 

just a (beautiful) but common view in venice. the sad thing about the city is that so many locals decide to leave because of the amount of tourists and the high cost of living. also, because it gets so many floods, they can't live on the ground floors of their houses. you laos have to own a boat, since your door leads directly to the water. no sidewalk.

the oh-so-famous gondole of venice.

you can enjoy a ride with your own private acordeon player

i just HAD to snap this

i wouldn't mind attending this school.

Venice is for artists. We met one on the street, and bought one of his superb watercolors. He was saying how beautiful the light is, like nowhere else in the world.

There's a myth i want to bust: Venice is not sinking. At least not anymore. The habitants used to use wells placed a bit everywhere in the city,  but those caused the streets to sink in. You can still see them, but they're all locked up. There's also some buildings that have become very, very crooked over time...
At last we got to the San Marco piazza.

This is just a piece of the turc influenced castle.. in a crooked  picture

For those who don't know, the whole city is standing not on water, but in s swamp, basically. Millions of wood pillars are driven into the mud to support the houses, streets, churches, everything. When they were building the city, they destroyed all the coastline forests. For one little city they wanted to build on mud. I wondered how has the wood survived through all these years, and the answer is simple: there isn't enough oxygen in water to allow the wood to decay. Pretty cool if you ask me.

On a last note, here's a bit of a candic shot i took of the gondola men on break. Oh and here's another cool fact! There is only one gondola girl in Venice.

ciao, until next time, Italia.

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  1. Awesome post. This really makes me want to travel :( Maybe one day I'll be able to! Your knowledge is impressive haha, but awesome post and genuinely interesting to read :)