domenica 13 ottobre 2013

adventure time

when i spoke about leaving, my dad always spoke of it as my 'next great adventure.' 
he's right because simply making my way here was an adventure in itself.

after heart wrenching goodbyes at the montreal airport, i set off for paris on air transat. there was a huge orange half-moon on the horizon when we were taking off.
 i don't know if any of you have flown with them before but nobody mentioned that it was party lighting in there. ok it ain't that bad but the lights in the cabin change slowly through all the colours of the rainbow. the only thing missing was lounge music. the overpriced drinks were present. 
i was surprised to see that the plane was equipped with personal tv-movie-audio screen, i didn't think it would be! i'm totally incapable of sleeping during flights, so that came in handy. i watched 'the place beyond the pines' for the second time because i really enjoyed it, and i also watched the third hangover movie. it's a hangover movie eh. not as funny as the first one in my opinion. i also read, wrote a little and listened to lost of music. 
the plane had lifted off a little late, and we arrived in paris about 45 minutes after schedule. that alone made me super stressed because i only had two hours in paris to make my connection, and i had never been to the charles-de-gaulle airport. furthermore, i didn't book my flights together so i had to retrieve my suitcase, leave the terminal, and get to the departure terminal. and that, if you must someday do, leave yourself lots of time. 
getting luggage in itself takes it's sweet long deal of time. after that, it was a long walk (run for me, with my 40lbs suitcase and 25lbs backpack) to where a train shuttle departs to the other terminals. once in the departures terminal, it's a zoo of airlines and gates, and mine is, of course, waaaaay at the other end. run run run through the people being confused between where i'm going where i'm from and where i'm going alternating between 'mi scusi!' and 'sorry'! and 'pardon!' being an annoying late traveler. 
aaaand i didn't make it. 
75 euros later, more than what i paid for the original paris-milan ticket, i got switched to a flight two hours later. by that time i'm extra tired, my shoulders have those bruises that occur when your skin is pinched, and i'm kind of discouraged. i spend time in charles-de-gaulle sitting on a bench close to a nice red piano, available for all to bust out a tune. some were children hitting on it mercilessly and others were good enough to lull me to sleep. which i did for about half an hour before it was time to board my next flight.

finally, in milan, i thought the journey was close to over. but noooo, to take the train into central milan, i had to once again go to another terminal, which was a good bus ride away. once there, i buy my train ticket, only to see the train roll away in the distance right before my eyes. i waited 20 minutes for the next one. 
by that time i was already very late for the hour i had told my roommate i'd be at the apartment, and i had no way of contacting her. wi-fi in paris you had to pay for, and my cellphone did not want to tap into any local carriers, it just 'no service'd me all along. i figured i'd find a pay phone at a metro station in milan.
the train arrived at cadorna station, where i try to call my roommate, no answer. i take the metro for five stops to get to the apartment, when i realize the last time i looked at a map to know how to walk from the station to there was two days ago. 
i make my way through the streets at dark with my luggage, only taking a wrong turn once. addresses on doors in milan are often hard to spot, and of course, mine was. i get to the end of the street without seeing my address and stumble across a grocery store. i figured i could try calling my roommate again, but the lady at the cash tells me i can't use their phone but a payphone is nearby. 
my roommate answers! she tells me that the number is indeed hard to see, on a further wall and behind a tree, but that it's right beside the number 33 (we are 35). she tells me that she isn't there anymore but that another one of the girls (the agency owns the building and a lot of us stay in it) is there, and that she'll call her for her to come open the door for me. i get my keys, walk in, and throw myself on the sofa. the place is of an ok size, the living room and kitchen are in one, the bathroom is fine except that the shower head isn't attached to the wall and you have to hold it while washing. and the best part (insert heavy sarcasm here) is that we share a bedroom. two beds, but one bedroom. woup-di-freaking-do. 
for the exorbitant price, it really isn't all that great.
oh, internet also is really on and off, it's a crappy signal. 

i'm actually already looking at other apartment or rooms i can rent in town, i'm quite sure i can find better for cheaper. sorry, agency!

i'm also looking for a bicycle to get around town on. last time i was here, i took the metro or trams or buses to get around, but i figured a bike would be more fun, i'd get to see more, and get a little exercise in. and actually is a thing. it exists! 
today i got a bit of groceries, and im shopping for that bike and a different apartment. i also really need to get a local sim card for my phone, but most stores are closed on sundays out here and they are quite a ways away. 
my roommate didn't come in last night, and it's 4pm and she hasn't shown up. ain't so bad considering we share a room. all mine muahah!

that's where i'm at for now.

'till next time, keep on adventuring on


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