giovedì 24 ottobre 2013

artsy fartsy

buona sera!

i moved out of my apartment! and i'm soooo glad about it!
this new place is also a model apartment owned by the agency, in another part of town. i live with 6 other girls (!!) and it's totally different from anything i'm used to. i've actually never lived with girls, except my mother and sister. for the past year, i've been living with five guys. couldn't be more opposite in any way.
the rent is significantly cheaper (but is still super expensive by montreal standards) but is quite nicer. it's on two floors, and my favorite aspect of it is all the skylights and angled ceilings. i have a huge skylight right above my bed :) i share a room with yulia from russia, there is another double room on the second floor next to ours, and downstairs three girls, including elise from vancouver (yay canada!).

after moving this morning, i settled in and unpacked everything (at the last place, i hadn't undone my suitcase, since i knew i wanted to leave soon) so i already feel better here. none of us had any castings today, i don't know why this week is so slow :( but! it gave me the chance to walk around the neighborhood to see what's close, camera in hand. i walked all the way to the brera area, which is super cute and filled with students, because the fine arts school is located there (dream!). in the same building is an art museum, and i hadn't been to that one in particular last time i was in milan, so today i went!
the pinacoteca di brera was great. it's really vast and i spent a whole two hours admiring the paintings and a couple sculpures. they mostly have twentieth-century classics (lots of jesus') in classic styles. i got to see some paintings by moroni, which was funny because my last apartment was on a street by the same name. in the third room i entered, a french from france group has having a guided tour, so i stayed close to them to have a hear at it, hihihi. i got to see some bellini (no, not the drink. the famour venezian painter) and i always enjoy seeing in person paintings i studied in my art history classes in cegep.
i always love the sound in museums. yeah you'll tell me but-museums-are-silent but it's the echoes that get to me. the echoes of people trying to speak softly and the echoes of past times, through the art.
aside from the traditional style, there was also a smaller room dedicated to a collection of more modern art. in front of my eyes was some braque, picasso, modigliani, and boccioni, mmmm.
i also saw for the second time some caravaggio, and 'il bacio' by hayez.
there was also the coolest room i have ever seen. it was dedicated to art restauration, the job i think i'd really love to do. it was closed-in, air-tight, filled with bottles of solutions, little tools, air vacuum shafts and only three paintings. some were being fixed and another was being cleaned. just makes me want to fast forward through school and get working there asap!
then, as if my tour of the pinacoteca wasn't enough art for a day, while walking down brera towards the metro, a small gallery had some original warhol hung in the window.

back at the apartment, two of my roommates, monika from i'm not sure where and veronika from ukraine were about to leave for the gym and invited me to tag along. i went and got my gym card done (free for a month simply because i'm a model? cooooool!) and we worked out together.

tomorrow i've got two castings, one for a shoe designer's lookbook, and the second for... armani! yéééeahhh boiiiii!

buona notte,


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