lunedì 14 ottobre 2013

back at it

the day started off by heading to the agency to sign my contract. i got to see Giorgio again, my agent from last time i was here with Joy. he's the sweetest! i got all my papers done and dealt with, and then without time for taking a break, off to castings they sent me.
i wasn't totally planning for it so i wasn't wearing to right shoes to walk around all day in, so my feet already hurt a little. i haven't found a good deal on a bicycle yet (if you know where to score a bike in Milan by chance, please do let me know (and yes, does exist!)).

first off i was sent to a casting for an editorial beauty shoot on corso magenta, the street on which the church in which 'the last supper' by Da Vinci resides. walking by it again for an art lover was a great start to the day!
a dozen of flights of stairs later, i'm up on the fifth floor with a lithuanian model just as out of breath as i am, since we were running last minute for this casting. through the door, we realize we're on the roof of the building, and enjoy the view for a minute as we find our breaths and change into our heels. the casting was a classic in-and-out, ciao-grazie-arrivederci, a-minute-long thing.
next up i made my way to corso sempione, right above the beautiful sempione park, a spot i really like. there are the bureaus of condé nast, the publishers that own vogue and vanity fair, just to name a couple. my casting was for vogue sposa (sposa = bride), and there are always tons of models at the condé nast castings. so i waited and made conversation with other models, and even sticking with Isabella a girl from sweden for getting to the next casting we had in common. i make one friend and she has to be leaving tomorrow!
we headed together to corso s. euseubio, where i had been many times before, for a casting for a u.s. polo gig in florence. a bunch of models were also there, so we waited quite the while. we also met up with a friend of hers, Sophie, who is a young quirky-faced blonde from denmark. one of the clients at that gig seemed to like me and wanted me to try something on, while the other said 'capelli troppo corti' (hair too short). sometimes it's a huge bonus and a quirk to have hair as short as i do, and sometimes it's in the way.

after that i head back to my apartment to grab my passport to go back to the agency and finalize my papers. i also find a cell phone store and get my own italian phone number and sim card (if you have imessage or whatsapp, we can still write). plans are so much cheaper here! i got 200 minutes, 200 text messages and 1G of data for 10 euros a month. and if 1G isn't enough, i can add another for a little 2 euros extra. viva italia!

the agency then sends me to another casting, not too far, to another studio i has already been to. it was for a beauty magazine called Estetica, for whom i've already had a job. it went really well! and i was the last one to show up, which is always a good thing, since the first and the last are usually the most remembered.

on the way back to the apartment, i stop at a grocery store for avocados (cannot live without them) and juice and wine, all for a tiny 5 euros. really, the only expensive thing in europe is rent. rent. is. bad.

i'm waiting for an answer from a lady i could rent a room from, cheaper and better than here. fingers tightly crossed.

tomorrow i have five different castings, that take me just like today to places i've mostly been to. including right past my favorite gelateria on porta ticinese! and right in front of a row of second century roman colums that are beautiful. the only thing is that four of those castings are all within two hours of one another. gonna run! already back at it.

speaking of running : run by daughter is a real good song.

alla prossima,


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