lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

c'est une chanson qui nous ressemble

buon giorno!

milan has transport strikes pretty much every second friday. at least they're a little bit nice about it, and have a three-hour window where all transportation is running. during that time, on friday, i had a casting at vogue. after walking through the sempione park to get there, i reallt felt like going back afterwards. i did, and spend a nice long while reading while the sun was slowly making it's way down.
during that time, i got a call from kate, who was also doing the casting along with alayna. they were going to grab a late lunch, and also being hungry i joined them.
right during we were eating, i got a call form the agency telling me i had a test shoot (a non-paying shoot whose pictures will be unpublished, that are simply for the portfolio) on sunday. nina, one of my bookers told me that she had booked train tickets for me and danni, another girl from the agency, to get to brescia to do the shoot. i chowed down my meal in half time, hopped on the tram and made my way to cadorna station, where the ticket agency was. the place looked closed, so i was a little worried, but nina told me not to and to just knock on the door, which i did, and a lady opened for me asking ''major modella?'' and there i was tickets for me and danni in hand.

i took saturday to sleep in like crazy, and only went out of the apartment for a drink with kate, since her birthday was the following day. since i did have a shoot, i had the skip the party.

the shoot was so. much. fun! me and danni left central station in milan towards brescia in the morning, a small city eastward halfway to verona (shakespeare city!). the photographer's name was tiziano, and seemed quite young. i had looked up his work beforehand, and alayna had already shot with him and enjoyed it.
he picked us up at the station in his four-place smart car (my mom's two seater is cuter!) and we spoke about the ideas for the looks. danni shot in the field in a nice dress, being decontextualized, and did another one outdoors with the neighbor's horse! and two more different outfits in studio.
as for my part, we did one beauty, natural shot, another leather-rocker-badass one outdoors, a different leather-rocker-badass one indoors, the same outfit with a friend's royal python snake matilda, and a last one in a cosmic patterned dress with lotsa bling bling necklace action. between the snake, the horse, the photographer's cat and his dog, it was quite a zoo day! (see some pictures on my instagram, link in the previous post).
i need to write more about the cat cause i'm a legit cat lady. the kitten's name was rino, because he was all white, and white-out in italian is some word i don't remember that finishes with -rino. he had these adorable but a little stupid looking blue crossed eyes, but that's what made him even more adorable. he kept coming to me to me loved, and to purr, which he did a whole lot.

today i only had one casting and took it really easy. i watched the movie beginners, which is a favorite of mine and juliette's (see her blogspot at or .com for you guys at home) and did some groceries and apartment research. i'm currently writing this with a glass of wine from a two-euro bottle, and things are feeling fine.

so far tomorrow i have one on request casting (where they make a pre-selection of models they want to see) at the agency. but it's the type of work where things change or are added or gone unpredictably at the last second. yay adaptation!?

on an ending note, a song i adore, first because it was sang to me by my grand mother with her amazing soulful blues voice. second, because the words are a jacques prévert poem

but i miss you most of all my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall


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