lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

jeez, life

i haven't written on here in almost a full year. say, it is a travel blog, and i've spent most of my time in montreal. i finished my cegep (barely), i broke up with Phil (it was the best thing to do, and no, you won't read about us getting back together again), i spent the summer by the lake in Mulgrave-et-Derry to take time off, and i also am with a new totally marvellous boy since june. as for travels: he took me for a week in Gaspésie. will write about it further on.
and, on friday, i leave for Milan. yeah, Milan again. the story may resume!
i  gotta say it has been a totally insane past year. i've never been so stressed in my entire life. and it has taken a toll on me. i was always the time to handle being extra busy really well, i never doubted in it, and i was confident in every adventure i threw myself into.
i bet a lot of you have heard about the strike that went on withing montreal and it's students about the rising schooling fees: i was part of them. as much as the cause rung true to me, and as uplifting the ambiance of revolt that was floating around the town, and participating in the manifestations has taught me just as much as sitting in calss did. perhaps more.
this being said, it did have it's numerous downsides. we missed close to five full months of school, so we did have to make it up. that's why this past school year, we basically did three semesters. it was out of this world stressful, busy, and demanding. somewhere along that time it became too much, and i lost my confidence and assurance about what i could achieve.
it's kind of followed me along until this time, and i worried my friends, parents, and even my agents. i sought out for help, and i'm really grateful that my boyfriend is such a positive influence to my mood. i can't thank you enough, Gab.

as for our trip in Gaspésie, it was beautiful. i could go on and on about all the various things we saw an did, but all in all, i only have a few things i need to mention: go to the Sea Shack. you will be drunk, and you will cook in the community kitchen with other young travelers, maybe pick up some hitchhikers like we did, plant your tent on the beach, see a million stars and auroras, and not want to leave.
hike up a couple mountains. the view is worth the hours trekking up, and the satisfaction is immense. sit at the summit and have a snack.
also, most importantly, go with someone you love.
and take a zillion pictures.

these are taken at the summing and during the hike up mount Xalibu

i also really fed my love for lighthouses. 

these are from the emerald river, totally worth a stop.

i also spent a weekend with my parents up in Val d'Or, where my mother is from. we spent most of the time sitting on a old friend's back porch, drinking beer and reliving high school stories. it was their high school reunion, and in the evening at events while my mother was reuniting with buddies, me and my dad took it upon ourselves to photobomb as many pictures as possible. we did succeed. lots. 


friday is coming up real soon and i'm taking off for Milan again. this time you won't read about hilarious stories with my mom since i'll be by my own little self. i'll try to have just as many good stories to write about :) i'll be for three months, living with another girl from the agency.
afterwards, i'll se where life floats ma boat, i might take up another contract in another city, and sometime come back to montreal for university, i think. for now, i kind of have my mind set on cordordia; with a major in drawing and painting with a minor in print media. we'll see.

ciao for now,
see you on the other side of the pond


ps: i put up a tumblr with only analog pictures i take

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