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'round town

well hello again

where i left off.
tuseday was buuuuusy. i had a total of five castings, which is usually very ok, but the problem was four of them were in a two hour time limit.
the first casting was for a commercial for cookies... yeah cookies. they made me eat one on camera and everything. the wait was super long but Sophie was also there.
after that i had an hour and a half of free time in the porta ticinese area, which i adore! i got lunch at a fish kiosk i had already been to before, and got a bit of calamari with lots of lemon. i walked down the street to one of my fave spots, right by the roman columns. i also got some gelato from my favourite place called frozen. i got lemon because it's my go-to delicious pick, and got fior di latte to go with. now that felt like a real welcome back to milano.
i sat at the base of the columns for a while doing some people watching. i also walked around a little taking pictures. (if you want to see what i took on instagram, since film takes a while, it's
the next casting was right across the street for cosmopolitan magazine, and i knew it was always a casting where many many models show up, so i decided to go earlier than scheduled to beat the crowd. three girls had the same idea and where already there, and so it happens it was three girls also from major. caroline is 23 and from norway, kate is turning 19 sunday and is from seattle, and alayna is also 18 and from seattle. after waiting a while and nobody was showing up, we figured there was something wrong. the client's daughter, whom we all recognized because it isn't our first time in milan and at this client's casting, came to the gate and opened for us. after a couple minutes of waiting outside their (cute, cluttered, but pouring with light) apartment, she asked us if we were sure the casting was today... and then we got worried. we called the agency and they said 'sis si' it's today. she invited us to sit inside as a couple of other girls, also with major, walked in. the daughter, whom is i'd guess between 10 and 12, made it her missing to figure out what was going on since her mother wasn't present for the casting. she was running back in forth in the apartment, making calls to her father, speaking with her grandmother and trying to get a hold of her mom. real little booker in the making this one! it was crazy to see her being so helpful and professional for her cute little age.
after all this, while we were busy thanking her and complimenting her on her managing skills, she tells us the actual adress of the casting. way the heck up corso sempione, messing up my schedule for the day.
after asking the other girls, we realized we had all the same castings in that little amount of time, so we stuck together. another one we had to go to was two streets away, so we hit that one first. for me it went very well, the client made me try one some clothing and took pictures. it was funny since the model right before me was also named Maia!
by then we had been worried we couldn't make all of the castings, since they were so far away. we called the magency again, asking them which castings were most important for us to attend.
following instructions, we make out way up sempione to the actual location of the cosmo casting. luckly there were few girls there and it went fast.
we go back towards downtown to another casting, this time there was a crazy wait and a line of girls spiraling down the stairs to the floor below.
we didn't make it to the last casting, since it was already too late and was at the other end of town.
no worries since we got to see them the next day!

in the evening, i went just a floor below of the apartment building where i'm currently staying to where alayna and kate live. caroline has the place right across the hall. we had beer and listened to music, and spent a pretty chill evening together.
i have friends! yay!

the next day was great because kate's boyfriend, an italian she met on her last trip here, drove us to our castings all day. almost felt like having a driver in tokyo!
it wasn't stressful at all and we made it to all of our auditions.
we had one for a lookbook, the second was the one we had missed the day before (for a hair and makeup magazine), then another one for cosmopolitan magazine, an editorial, and finally a very, very long casting where i guess about 200 models were present. we were there a veeeeery long time.

that was yesterday, and we felt like going for aperitivo. that's where a restaurant-bar type place offers drinks for a fixed price, and lets you eat as much as you please of the little buffet they provide. we went with boy models kate and alayna knew from the u.s., and had a good time chatting about work and movies and photography and stuff. when we were done there, we walked back around the park (since it was closed by that time) to another little bar where we had cheap beer before going back home.
in the craziest taxi drive of my life.
at first, i didn't even know if the driver was a man or a woman. he-she was a short, old human being with a loud, loud voice. making jokes in italian we didn't understand. we were glad it was a short ride.

today i only had two castings, and they started in the early afternoon. after that, i went to the agency to take a couple of polaroids, or digitals. those are the pictures the agency takes, not professionally, but just to give an idea to clients of what models look like naturally. we did some clothed and in a bikini. i always find these a little terrifying since i'm not the stick-skinny type model, and last time i was here my booker wasn't shy to tell me i needed to lose a little weight. i guess even though it's never fun to hear, i've grown older and more comfortable in the skin i'm in. i've got my hips and they are what they are.

tomorrow the metro and buses and trams are all on strike, as it happens so often in milan. so far it doesn't seem like i have a single casting, it's perhaps because of the strike. anyway, it's supposed to be sunny and nice, i'll probably just spend some time at the park reading and enjoying the sun (it's mostly been grey and chilly since i got here).

kate and alayna are also tired of spending so much on our not-so-great apartment, so we're looking for a place all three of us together.

oh! just got an email from my booker telling me i do have one casting tomorrow for vogue. it's right beside the park anyway. how perfect.

my dad sent me and my little sister this quote the other day, i feel like it's pertinent i share this

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover."- Mark Twain

 keep on exploring on


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