lunedì 25 novembre 2013

every road home is long

I'm back on Canadian soil, but only for a moment and not without difficulties on the way.
I wrote in my notebook during the way back, and I'll just type it on here.

November 21st, 2013

Suitcase all packed up, I was ready and excited to make my way back home.
Because life always surprises me by being ridiculously tumultuous, my Milan to Paris flight was cancelled. Little did I know, the 22ns of November happened to be a national-wide airport strike day. Thanks for notifiying me beforehand, easyjet. The day before makes it kinda close yaknow.
Anyway, I had to make my Paris-Montreal flight the next day at 11:00am, and I had little time to find a solution.
Being beside myself in frustration and sadness, I somewhere still unknown found the drive to find another option as soon as possible. It's a little funny since only the day before, I was speaking with Gab about changing discouragement into motivation. It was the perfect time to put that into practice.
After looking for flights like mad, I realized those wouldn't get me on time to Paris, and the few ones who would cost a whopping 900$. I seeked my father' sand Gab's help, being both of logical and emotional support.
I looked into the option of taking the train. I finally found one that left in two hours time.
Zipping up my heavy suitcase as fast as I could, I bolted through the door feeling terribly unprepared. Nicola, a photographer I shot with and who lived next door, had offered to drive me to the airport. Since that plan was so unceremoniously changed, I notified him and he nicely agreed to bring me to the train station instead. The plan was to depart from Milan, transfer in Dijon to grab a TGV, and arrive at 8:30 in Paris at the Gare de Lyon.
But, of course, it couldn't be that easy.
There are several train stations in Milan. My train left from Lambrate station, but the ticket office was closed. There were only ultra sketchy resellers and I did not trust them not one little bit.
We thought that perhaps if we went to Centrale station, we could get a ticket there, and then come back to Lambrate.
We got at Centrale 10 minutes before their ticket office closes. A guard at the door does not want to let us in since there is already a small lineup inside and they close shortly.
He does tell me, though, that I can buy a ticket on board the train from the controler, if there is room for me.
Back to Lambrate we drive. Throughout these bumps in the road I  try to remain excited rather than stressed and positive rather than doubtful. Honestly I was laughing at what today threw at me.
Once on the platform, I eagerly wait for the train's arrival, still not certain if I'll be able to ride it.
Once it does, I speak with an employee, and she tells me to get on, go to wagon 3 straight away and I'll find someone to buy a ticket from. I get there and a group of police officers tell me to get off the train and that it is full.
After a talk with yet another employee on the platform and seriously being worried about this ordeal with each passing minute, he tells me to get back on. He'll find a spot for me.
*sigh of relief*
I am placed in a 6 bed compartment and I feel like I was on The Darjeeling Limited. Only things aren't colour coded and there's nobody to artistically direct my surroundings.
I'm on the top bunk and the to-and-fro of the train is a little sickening while writing.
I'll get off in Dijon in 6 hours and transfer to a faster train to Paris. Then I'll have to take a bus or a cab to the airport and make my flight to Montreal on time.
Stay positive!

November 22nd, 2013

I set an alarm for 6am on my phone that was by them almost out of juice. I set the luminosity to its lowest setting and put it on airplane mode; the two power outlets in the cabin weren't working. Falling asleep was a little difficult, the train rattling, noisy, and on a tiny uncomfortable bed. At least I got a little bit of sleep, even though it was often interrupted.
When I woke , I asked a train staff if we were running on schedule. One told me we were 15 minutes behind, another told me we were half an hour behind. For real, we got to Dijon one full hour behind. That made me late for my transfer onto a TGV,  but since the train I was already on also wen to Paris, but slower, I just stayed on it, and resolved to make my way to CDG airport as fast as freaking impossible.
After arriving at the Gare de Lyon, I hauled my suitcase across the place as outside into Paris! Wou! I walked about to find the shuttle that would bring me directly to CDG. I only waited a couple minutes for it, then sat back and watched through the window a city my father is so scared of me never coming back from if I ever set foot in it. He did specify the night before that inward to go straight to the airport! Even with just that, by that time, it was pretty obvious that I wouldn't make my flight. :(
Why can't one thing ever go smoothly with me and my travels? 'Cause it wouldn't be as much of an adventure, I guess.
Once at the airport, I called my dad to let him know I missed my flight. I walked around the huge, maze-like airport to an aircanada desk, having noticed that they had a flight in an hour and a half.
After two more collect calls to my dad, we decided to get me a ticket on that flight.
By that time, I just really wanted to get home.
I texted Gab with the news, who was already resolved to see me only the next day.
The lady at the desk was quite nice, giving me a window seat in an empty aisle. I got to spread out and get a couple more minutes of sleep, the night on the train not being the best (but sill surprisingly pleasant). I had already noticed my back and neck being sore, and I hadn't noticed how hungry I was until the flight attendants started bringing food. Having dashed out so quickly last night, the ont thing I had for foot in my bag was the last quarter of a bag of mixed nuts.
Here I am at 38 000 feet, on my way home as another adventure comes to an end.
Oh but not to fret, I'm never on my feet for too long: next trip begins on Tuesday, New York bound!

Strive to keep a childlike curiosity at heart


domenica 17 novembre 2013

be back soon


let's start off with the big news: i booked a ticket home. for friday. ch'yeaaaa!
i thought a lot about it all and without work, and missing home, and being disenchanted with the modelling industry, all came to one conclusion: i'd be happier at home.
it'll be a very short trip home, though, since the new york adventure is starting only four days after i land!

i had a splendid day walking around town today. i set off with my camera and an extra roll of film. i walked two minutes before stumbling upon some type of fair happening really close to my apartment! all along via farini, stands were up, selling everything from clothing, jewelry, carpets, draperies, salami, cheeses, candy, etc. there were also a couple of performers and funny merchants with their sound systems and microphones acting like cheesy tv infomercials. i found a little something for my little sister for christmas (hihi, hi Oasis, no i'm not telling you you'll have to wait). i ended up being kinda close to the cimitero monumentale (the monumental cemetery, which wears it's name beautifully by it's monumentality). there i made it a mission to find my favourite sculptures that adorn tombstones, only by remembering my way around from last time i was in milan and visited, two and a half years ago. and i did it! i found it!

death don't do part

after a long while walking around the cemetery, and enjoying the cool air and the silence of the place, i started making my way back home, by foot again. walking through the fair once more, i stopped and got a 'vin brûlé' (mulled wine), since i was a bit chilly and it always puts me in some happy festive mood, since i usually drink it during the holidays. 

here's a young montrealer with a great original sound

see you soon


giovedì 14 novembre 2013


the winds change and the rain keeps falling.

it's been sunny on-and-off lately, but i'm writing this to the sound of rain pouring down on the skylights over my bed.

as for the winds, they change. the day i had written an email to two of my agents, i had one single casting for this big hair and makeup company. they seemed to like me lots, complimenting me by saying i resemble a mix of Amélie Poulain and Audrey Hepburn. you know, only getting me to blush like crazy because i adore those women!
a couple minutes after i leave the building, my agency calls to tell me i'm on option for the job. an option, in modelling lingo, means that you're in their top choices for the job, but you haven't booked it yet. they also asked if i'd be cool with them dying my hair to red, if they changed it back to brown after the pictures were done. no worries, although i never dye my hair, and i'm a little worried it would mess 'em up a little. but, the best part, is that the shoot would be done in Sicily! i should hear more about it in the next couple of days.

this evening with my roommate Elysse, we made butterbeer and watched Harry Potter.

and another breeze: my boyfriend and a friend of ours got a job in New York selling Christmas trees, for a month! for another adventure, i'll be joining them when i leave here! we'll be living in a van, and i'm really excited to live with very minimal belongings for a while. i'll be taking lots of pictures, writing, and for making a profit, (me and my mom got the same idea at the same time while brainstorming work possibilities while over there) i'll try selling some of my drawings and doodles! interested in an original doodle with that tree?

as for the rest of stuff here, it's still just as slow... fingers crossed for that job. if not, i'll make my way back home, to then head off to the next great adventure in new york :)

here's a track i really have been enjoying lately, by this american indie rock band called Now, Now

'till next time
live to tell a great story.


venerdì 8 novembre 2013

planet mars

hello hello

all my excuses for the big time gap that has separated this post from the last. i could say i've been busy but that would kind of be a lie.
yeah, things have been really slow. on the 12th, it'll be a whole month since i've been here, and i still haven't had a paying job :(
the market has been really slow. last time i was here, i had a bunch of castings per day, say five to eight. since i arrived, i'ts always been two or three. there are so many girls, for so little jobs. the competition is crazy.
i did do two shoots though, one that i've already written about, and another one happened yesterday. but those two won't help me pay the bills not one little bit.
i figure if next week doesn't pick up a reasonable pace, i'll speak to my agency about a possibility of other markets. if munich, paris or london are busier, i might just go spend a month in another city to give it a go. i'd hate to come back home empty-handed.

in the event i come back home without a job to my name, i know the experience hasn't left me empty-handed at all. one thing i like about this job is that i get to meet people from all over the world. i mean in my apartment only, the countries are: russia, ukraine, poland, the u.s. and canada. we went for dinner one night, in a japanese restaurant, and around the table were people from: australia, slovakia, belgium, italy, the u.s. and canada. i find it fascinating how people from all over the world, through their cultural differences can profit from one another's knowledge. and in a way, to make each of us better people, through understanding others. because even though people may not agree with one another, may it be on opinions or even values, i believe there is always something to learn from anybody. everybody knows something you don't.

i'll also come back home with a couple of good pictures i took on film, i hope. i brought both my k1000 and my holga, hopefully there will be some good stuff to look back on.

i'll most certainly come back with fun memories. this one night last weekend, stephanie, carleen, monika and me went out to this club (i'm really not a club person) since we were told bruno mars was going to be there. i never went crazy about his music, although i loved his black and white performance on some mtv award show, and his retro vibe is pretty groovy. and indeed he was there. he sang a couple songs and spent a couple hours with his band mates and huge body guard in the jam-packed club. i got to meet him and say hi (he is so so short?!) and he told me he liked my style (that's cause i was wearing carleen's cap that says meow on it). he seemed like a pretty down-to-earth type of person, which is always good to see in celebrities, i find.

having more spare time, i've also been going to the gym a whole lot more than usual. it feels good, i've already noticed that i'm a bit more fit, and most of all i love their sauna and turkish bath, hihihi.

most of all, i'll be back with a better knowledge of who i am and how i've grown up compared to last time i was here, compared to when i traveled to tokyo, and compared to when i started modeling.

this weekend i'm planning to go to the novecento museum, it has Rodin, Pollock and Warhol expos going on! i also want to make a trip back to the ossuary (see posts from about two years ago for more on it. or wait until i write about it this time). i really, really want to take a weekend to go the venise for the biennale. it would make me the most fulfilled art student!

i'll write sooner than last time ok (:
thanks for reading along this adventure

keep on learning on