domenica 17 novembre 2013

be back soon


let's start off with the big news: i booked a ticket home. for friday. ch'yeaaaa!
i thought a lot about it all and without work, and missing home, and being disenchanted with the modelling industry, all came to one conclusion: i'd be happier at home.
it'll be a very short trip home, though, since the new york adventure is starting only four days after i land!

i had a splendid day walking around town today. i set off with my camera and an extra roll of film. i walked two minutes before stumbling upon some type of fair happening really close to my apartment! all along via farini, stands were up, selling everything from clothing, jewelry, carpets, draperies, salami, cheeses, candy, etc. there were also a couple of performers and funny merchants with their sound systems and microphones acting like cheesy tv infomercials. i found a little something for my little sister for christmas (hihi, hi Oasis, no i'm not telling you you'll have to wait). i ended up being kinda close to the cimitero monumentale (the monumental cemetery, which wears it's name beautifully by it's monumentality). there i made it a mission to find my favourite sculptures that adorn tombstones, only by remembering my way around from last time i was in milan and visited, two and a half years ago. and i did it! i found it!

death don't do part

after a long while walking around the cemetery, and enjoying the cool air and the silence of the place, i started making my way back home, by foot again. walking through the fair once more, i stopped and got a 'vin brûlé' (mulled wine), since i was a bit chilly and it always puts me in some happy festive mood, since i usually drink it during the holidays. 

here's a young montrealer with a great original sound

see you soon


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