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all my excuses for the big time gap that has separated this post from the last. i could say i've been busy but that would kind of be a lie.
yeah, things have been really slow. on the 12th, it'll be a whole month since i've been here, and i still haven't had a paying job :(
the market has been really slow. last time i was here, i had a bunch of castings per day, say five to eight. since i arrived, i'ts always been two or three. there are so many girls, for so little jobs. the competition is crazy.
i did do two shoots though, one that i've already written about, and another one happened yesterday. but those two won't help me pay the bills not one little bit.
i figure if next week doesn't pick up a reasonable pace, i'll speak to my agency about a possibility of other markets. if munich, paris or london are busier, i might just go spend a month in another city to give it a go. i'd hate to come back home empty-handed.

in the event i come back home without a job to my name, i know the experience hasn't left me empty-handed at all. one thing i like about this job is that i get to meet people from all over the world. i mean in my apartment only, the countries are: russia, ukraine, poland, the u.s. and canada. we went for dinner one night, in a japanese restaurant, and around the table were people from: australia, slovakia, belgium, italy, the u.s. and canada. i find it fascinating how people from all over the world, through their cultural differences can profit from one another's knowledge. and in a way, to make each of us better people, through understanding others. because even though people may not agree with one another, may it be on opinions or even values, i believe there is always something to learn from anybody. everybody knows something you don't.

i'll also come back home with a couple of good pictures i took on film, i hope. i brought both my k1000 and my holga, hopefully there will be some good stuff to look back on.

i'll most certainly come back with fun memories. this one night last weekend, stephanie, carleen, monika and me went out to this club (i'm really not a club person) since we were told bruno mars was going to be there. i never went crazy about his music, although i loved his black and white performance on some mtv award show, and his retro vibe is pretty groovy. and indeed he was there. he sang a couple songs and spent a couple hours with his band mates and huge body guard in the jam-packed club. i got to meet him and say hi (he is so so short?!) and he told me he liked my style (that's cause i was wearing carleen's cap that says meow on it). he seemed like a pretty down-to-earth type of person, which is always good to see in celebrities, i find.

having more spare time, i've also been going to the gym a whole lot more than usual. it feels good, i've already noticed that i'm a bit more fit, and most of all i love their sauna and turkish bath, hihihi.

most of all, i'll be back with a better knowledge of who i am and how i've grown up compared to last time i was here, compared to when i traveled to tokyo, and compared to when i started modeling.

this weekend i'm planning to go to the novecento museum, it has Rodin, Pollock and Warhol expos going on! i also want to make a trip back to the ossuary (see posts from about two years ago for more on it. or wait until i write about it this time). i really, really want to take a weekend to go the venise for the biennale. it would make me the most fulfilled art student!

i'll write sooner than last time ok (:
thanks for reading along this adventure

keep on learning on


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