giovedì 14 novembre 2013


the winds change and the rain keeps falling.

it's been sunny on-and-off lately, but i'm writing this to the sound of rain pouring down on the skylights over my bed.

as for the winds, they change. the day i had written an email to two of my agents, i had one single casting for this big hair and makeup company. they seemed to like me lots, complimenting me by saying i resemble a mix of Amélie Poulain and Audrey Hepburn. you know, only getting me to blush like crazy because i adore those women!
a couple minutes after i leave the building, my agency calls to tell me i'm on option for the job. an option, in modelling lingo, means that you're in their top choices for the job, but you haven't booked it yet. they also asked if i'd be cool with them dying my hair to red, if they changed it back to brown after the pictures were done. no worries, although i never dye my hair, and i'm a little worried it would mess 'em up a little. but, the best part, is that the shoot would be done in Sicily! i should hear more about it in the next couple of days.

this evening with my roommate Elysse, we made butterbeer and watched Harry Potter.

and another breeze: my boyfriend and a friend of ours got a job in New York selling Christmas trees, for a month! for another adventure, i'll be joining them when i leave here! we'll be living in a van, and i'm really excited to live with very minimal belongings for a while. i'll be taking lots of pictures, writing, and for making a profit, (me and my mom got the same idea at the same time while brainstorming work possibilities while over there) i'll try selling some of my drawings and doodles! interested in an original doodle with that tree?

as for the rest of stuff here, it's still just as slow... fingers crossed for that job. if not, i'll make my way back home, to then head off to the next great adventure in new york :)

here's a track i really have been enjoying lately, by this american indie rock band called Now, Now

'till next time
live to tell a great story.


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