lunedì 14 luglio 2014


g'day lassies and lads

a warning post about the next travels: éire! (ireland!) (homeland!) (roots!) (beer!)
my dad got a three-month contract in dublin, so i took the opportunity to see some more land of this rock we are on that floats around in the universe. and of course get to see my lovely father i already miss cuz we live three hours apart so an ocean is kind of a big deal. there's also something i haven't quite figured out yet: throughout my travels i never thought of it as crazy to leave alone for months at a time. but now that it's a parent of mine that leaves far far away for a same length of time, well it does this odd feeling that i haven't named yet. it's a little sad and a little scary but always happy for him: anyways i don't know yet. i'm really excited to go meet him there.
and well the idea of roaming around ireland alone during the day while he's as work sounds charming to me. camera and sketchbook and raincoat and beer money are basically all imma be needin. he's already admitted that guinness is indeed much better out where it's from. oh and you know i'm gonna bring back as many scotch and whiskey bottles as permitted. i'll walk from pub to pub, soaking in as much as i can of their supa cute accent. dad does say that people there are the friendliest.
story: so friendly that the guy he was sitting next to on the plane gave him a proper welcome by driving him to his apartment.
mom is gonna join us a couple of days before her birthday, so we'll get to properly celebrate her three-fourths of the family present. her stay will be of six weeks, whereas i can only permit myself two, with work and school starting in september.
finally gonna get to use my irish passport to actually go to ireland!
not even a teeny bit afraid that i'll be looked at as an outsider. nope. i can whip out the obvious truth of my irishness (mis à part freckles, pale skin and green eyes): my last name.
ain't no thang as irish as a Donnelly.

gonna be seeing more of you mates soon,


oh also here's a picture my dad took of a lighthouse near his apartment (with the flag, duh)

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